Knit Picks / Math question

WOTA = 110 yards / 50 grams
Palette = 231 yards / 50 grams

Both are 100% wool, both cost $1.79 per hank

Can I knit with palette double strand and get close to the same results as WOTA ??

I am thinkin … if i can do that … then I add a whole bunch of color choices at the same price.

I have a WOTA but no Palette … does anyone have both to try out a swatch … just in case math isn’t all its cracked up to be ?

I can’t seem to leave my Knit Pick sample cards alone …

Well, Pallette is a fingering weight, recommended needle 1-3 at 7-8sts/1", and WOTA is a worsted weight, needle 6-9 at 4.5-5sts/1".

I think you could try what you are suggesting, but I would definitely do a gauge swatch with the double strand of pallette to see if you come up with the same as you would with one strand of worsted.

Good luck, and you never know until you try!

I’m pretty sure you’d need more than 2 to equal worsted. More like 3 or 4.

So, the “math” doesn’t work … twice the yardage doubled does not worsted make.

correct… because the yardage isn’t dependant on the thickness of the yarn.

but even if the math “doesn’t work” (math always works!), you can change it so it does. Once you figure out your guage with the palette double strand, it will be easy to adapt a pattern.

To me, though, it wouldn’t be worth it. If you’re doubling the palette, in effect you’re only getting like an extra 10 yards for the same price as the WOTA single stranded… but if you have to triple the yarn (to equal the WOTA) then you’re losing money… or getting less of a value anyway. (you’d have 77 yards of tripled yarn for $1.79 or 2 and 1/3rd of a cent per yard,versus 110 yards of single stranded WOTA for 1.79 or 1 and 2/3rds of a cent per yard)

I think it has more to do with the density. There may be twice the amount of wool in WOTA as there is in palette, but the way WOTA is spun makes it thicker and fluffier. Pallette is a thin, non-fluffy yarn.

I first read this and thought, what does this have to do with dentistry??? :shock: :roflhard: :roflhard: :blush:

I tried this a few weeks ago! I have a wacky little swatch here to prove it!

I got 4 stitches/inch on (I think) US8 needles, and while it’s not holey by any means, the fabric is not as dense as with WOTA. I would guess that on US6s it might be comparable to Merino Style gauge-wise. But not nearly as soft.

I first read this and thought, what does this have to do with dentistry??? :shock: :roflhard: :roflhard: :blush:[/quote]

:roflhard: Ingrid quickly checks her spelling before laughing.

But it WEIGHS the same … and the yardage is almost exactly double …
so that makes palette half as dense as WOTA and there is double the yardage … so it should be the same.

I have some palette back ordered … I will have to knit the swatch myself the second it gets here so I can see why the math does not equal the knitting.

I agree … if you have to order more palette and double it is not worth the money or trouble … Maybe I just WANT it to be the same! I really like the colors.

The weight may be the same, but the air incorporated into the WOTA’s spinning process does not weigh anything. It might be worth a gauge swatch, because you really can’t tell just looking at a yarn if doubling will equal something else. Here’s a picture of the two. This is what I mean about the fluffiness of WOTA.

Yes and as a Math major I can attest that Density = Mass/Volume
so even through the Mass (weight) is the same, the Volume (space they take up) is not - Ingrid makes a good point about the air - that’s what’s changing the volume and density

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