Knit Picks - Delays?

I placed an order on the 2nd and it’s still processing. Anyone else seeing a long(er) delay due to their new warehouse space? I want my yarn! Can you tell :aww:

I have had it still show processing until right before I got my package, not often, but sometimes. Did you pay for faster delivery? It really can take a full 14 days to get your package if you went with the free shipping. Everybody has had different experiences with their shipping but it isn’t unusual for it to still be in processing 5 days later, if you went with free shipping.

I ordered the Options on the 2nd and my order is still processing as well. Hopefully they don’t take 2 weeks to get here.:pout: Being newer to knitting I don’t have very many needles right now and I have so many projects waiting to be started until I get them in.:teehee: Maybe I should start my first sock while I wait instead of putting it off.:oo:

I haven’t heard and don’t have orders pending, but if you noticed on their website, orders were able to be placed throughout the last week or so of December, but no orders were shipped out during that last week or so.

Therefore, my educated guess would be that they are a bit backed up on orders from a week or so, and might be playing a bit of “catch up” from that.

You could, of course, call and check, but that makes sense to me.

how do you check to see if your order is processing or not? :think:

My wonderful mom ordered the Harmoney set for me on the 30th. They told her they wouldn’t ship til the 2nd of this month. I called today, and they shipped them on the 2nd…so I should get them anytime between now and teh 16th.

:nails::hair:Crossed Fingers:pray:

They were shut down for over a week and just started working on orders today. I ordered last week and got an email that it shipped today, but online it still shows pending and being processed. In a day or so I should be able to track it.

KelsJoy, go to Order Status, login and click on the order number.

I ordered some stuff from Knitpicks on 12/31. I knew it wouldn’t be shipped until the 2nd or after, so I paid the $10 for the 3 day shipping. Knitpicks shipped my order on the 3rd. But now, UPS has dropped the ball! On the UPS website it says “Your package is on time with a scheduled delivery date of 01/07/2008.” but that is today and it’s 8:30pm and its not here yet! I am so annoyed! :hair: I was really looking forward to playing with my new yarn and needles!!

I ordered some needles (size 6 16" needle, size 11 tips, 24" cable) on 12/31 and it is still in processing.

Does the UPS tracking say that it was actually picked up on the 3rd? If it was, I would call to get a refund of the shipping charge. They can get a refund from UPS for them not making it. If it doesn’t actually say that it was picked up until the 4th (even though they said it shipped on the 3rd) then they are still within their 3 day time frame. It makes me crazy when companies say that an item is shipped and they have really just created the mailing label that day. shakes fist

I actually just checked the tracking again, and now it doesn’t say the estimated delivery date at all. Also, UPS recieved it on Jan 2 - "COLUMBUS, OH, US 01/02/2008 8:48 P.M. ORIGIN SCAN " SO that means it should have been here Friday! Ugh I am so irritated by this. I have never had a problem with UPS before. I will be contacting KnitPicks tomorrow so they can get their money back and I can get mine back. The tracking says it arrived in my city at 8:45 am today…

It should say what delivery method they used too. (2 day, 3 day, Standard, etc) If it says standard, someone messed up in the process.

UPS tracking will also give the scheduled delivery date. If it doesn’t, or it was today, contact UPS (1-800 CALL UPS), enter the tracking number, listen to their recording, then press 0 to talk to a person. Ask them to trace it - maybe the local driver couldn’t find your address.

I called on my order this morning since it’s still showing in processing. They have a HUGE back-up from the move. I figured that was it. They have the nicest customer service people! I can’t believe how helpful they are!!! :slight_smile:

Log into the Knit Pick site and then click on Order Status under View Stash up in the right corner. Then click on the order you want to view. Hope that helps.:knitting:

They shipped my order today.

Oh how I feel your pain. I used my gift certificate on December 26th and I knew they would be moving to the new warehouse and it wouldnt be processed until after the 2nd… just so you know… mine FINALLY shipped yesterday. YESTERDAY. I think I’ve been a saint:teehee:

Hooray! Mine shipped today as well! My Options will be here in 5-14 days.

I also ordered my KH options on the 2nd, and got them TODAY!!! yay!!! i’m loving them. Soooo smooth and the stitches just fly along.

Oh gosh. KnittingNoob–I’m dyslexic so forgive me for this, but I just saw your SN briefly and thought it said “Knittingboob.” I stopped for a second and thought, “Well, add that to the list of their many talents!”