Knit picks candle fame shawl help

I started on my candle flame shawl pattern from the knit picks website

today and I have come across a problem on the very first row of the “pattern” part.

I cast on 97 stitches like the pattern directed and knit in garter for 18 rows. OK no problems there lol.

It states to K8 stitches work row 1 of the pattern and K8 stitches at the end to make the border. (well for all rows, really)

So here we go:

K8, P6 k2, ssk, yo, k1, yo, k2tog, k2, p11 repeat from* P6, K8

( I added in the k8s so you could see what I am talking about.)

K8 + P6 = 14 stitches on both ends X 2 = 28 stitches

That means there are 69 stitches left to do the * part

I counted the * repeats and each * equals to 20 stitches used.

What am I doing wrong ?

Has anyone else run across this problem while they were making their’s?

I checked the corrections page on Knitpicks and nothing has been posted concerning this pattern.

I would be very greatful for any help !! Thanks a bunch !! :??

Even the chart shows it as an even number of stitches being worked across… :?? :??

I get 20 stitches in the repeat, too.

I’m looking at the chart again, and it seems that the instructions for the first row are missing the last part of the “diamond”. After the last p11, you should: k2, k2tog, yo, k1, yo, ssk, k2; and then the p6, k8

I’m not sure exactly how it will work out in the end… my brain isn’t functioning enough right now to completely wrap myself around it without working on it myself. Perhaps you should follow the chart?

That’s it. There is an incomplete pattern repeat before you get to the final p6, k8. Go with the chart since you can see the pattern is correct on there.

Thanks a ton you guys !!!

OK here is another question.

When the written pattern stated to knit the 1st and last 8 stitches…

The chart on the other hand skips back and forth between purls and knits for the 1st and last 8 stitches.

Should I follow the chart with every other knit and purl?

Or should I always make the 1st and last 8 stitches knit ?

I would think to make a border it would have to be done in knit but then again I’m not really sure because I have never done anything like this.

Thanks a bunch!

The picture for the pattern looks like garter to me, and I personally want the garter border to help keep it flat. For this part, I would follow the pattern instructions and not the chart! Are you thoroughly confused yet? :shock: :lol:

Naaa ! Make the even row ends knit instead of purls !!! :lol: That was what I was thinking but I am totally trying to do get info before I go any further. I’ve already had to start over like 2 times because the yarn is so thin… just wanna get it straight so I won’t keep messing up.


Yesterday I ordered the same lace yarn for that scarf. I hope I can do it wiithout being confused!! I thought the scarf was so beautiful when I saw it in their catalog. :XX: :XX:

i thought the same thing! I tried it like 3 times and finally gave up. So I am just making a regular triangular shawl with the yarn. I just couldn’t do it. I was getting so frustated that I wanted to spit lol. Although I think the colors are fab so it will be pretty none-the-less. Hope you have better luck than I did !! Show me what I did wrong when you get yours done hehe.

To Celine and Spooky (and whoever may want to try this shawl). I got this email from KP:
I’ve counted the rows for this pattern several times, it always works out to 97 sts. Rows 19 and 23 have an extra YO toward the end of the row (charted version) that you will need to ignore. The charted version also has an 8 stitch st st border, which should be an 8 stitch garter border. Other than that, the pattern works out perfectly.[/color]

LOL but try to do it with a cat and an 8 year old always interupting you hehe… Plus a washing machine with a mind of its own. I just didn’t have the patience. But my triangle shawl should work nicely. If I keep it simple I can keep my saneity :roflhard: !!