Knit Picks at LYS?

I’m wondering if Knitpicks yarn and needles are available only online or at local stores as well.

I’ve read the interchangeable needle set post and would like to start building a collection without buying the whole set. And because I’m impatient, I’d rather run down to my LYS than wait for a package.

Any ideas?

Thanks much and I hope this is not a silly question…

– Ruth

No, it’s not silly! And no, KP yarns aren’t available at retail stores. :pout: They do have their own brick and mortar store somewhere, I think, but just the one as far as I know.

My 2 cents re the interchangeables: I suggest getting a whole set. You’ll end up saving a lot of money in the long run, plus the Options are simply divine to knit with! (And none of us are very patient when it comes to knitty orders by mail! :teehee:) You’ll qualify for free shipping, and for cheap you can pay ‘extra’ for 3-day delivery. That’s not too bad!

I agree with Angelia. And if you get them and don’t like them at first, keep using them. I’m slowly becoming a convert. I took a while for me to warm up to the “slicky-ness” of the KPs. I’ve stuck with them because I figured sooo many people couldn’t be wrong about them. The starter set is much less expensive the total cost of the individual pieces.

Of course, if you’ve always knitted with slick needles, you’ll love them right out of the box.

I agree with getting the whole set.
Also, knitpicks has always shipped really fast to me. I get the free shipping and still get my orders in around 3 days!

yup get the whole set …u would love it !.. i got two sets !

No, they aren’t. I wish they were, I think it would be more convenient than paying for shipping, plus you wouldn’t have to wait for delivery.

Yes, the whole set saves you money, and if for some reason you don’t like the set, you can always resell it for a minimal loss. Lots of people are eager to buy interchangeable sets.

I would be totally surprised if we ever see Knit Picks products at local stores because their whole mantra is cutting out the middleman to save you money. If they decided to retail their stuff, retailers would have to mark up the price to turn a profit, which defeats the idea of Knit Picks. If they did ever decide to retail their yarn, I would suspect it would be under another label so we wouldn’t even know.

Just order online, and be happy. I LOVE Knit Picks and I order from them more often than ANY other yarn shop, local or not. Shipping is quick and customer service is the bomb!

Wow this forum really works, 6 great answers over night!
:muah: Thank you everyone!

That’s what I suspected, but it would have been so cool to pick those up at a store today…!
I’ll definitely go with the Options interchangeables, but I’m thinking of starting with ordering a longer cable than what’s in the set and only one pair of needles and if I like that, then get the whole set. I’m quite sure I will like them.

Again thanks everyone for your input - I’ll order this right now. :happydance:

REVS, I guess I did it backwards. I ordered the starter set first and have been adding to it since. I just ordered two of the longer cables. I want to learn to make socks learning magic loop. Perhaps Silver will have that tutorial ready soon so I can try it out!

I’m sure you’ll love what you do order.