Knit Pattern wanted

I saw the cutest bag on the Berroco website but it was a crochet pattern. :frowning: It’s called the Annie Bag.

Was wondering if anyone had done this in a knit pattern?


Couldn’t figure out how you guys insert a web address with a single word, so I hope the above link works.

oooh, that’s a gorgeous bag! :heart: :smiley:

to do a ‘single word’ link , do this:
[ url= ] Annie bag [ /url ]

but eliminate the spaces:
Annie bag

Thanks Jodi, but I still don’t get it. :thinking:

I just copied the link to the message but how did you get it to rename it?

ok, this might be easier: eliminate the spaces from the beginning and end of what is in the brackets:

[ url= ]Annie bag[ /url ]

the rename part is the part btwn the ] and the [
so whatever you write btwn the ] and the [ will be what is visible in your post.

wish I could help you with the knit pattern :frowning: - that bag looks really cool! :smiley:

this bag reminds me of the Suki tote from

[color=violet]CLICK HERE[/color]

This version is big, but there is a smaller version in the Knit Wit book called Suki II which would probably serve you better, just sub the handles with drawstrings. Maybe a cotton-blend yarn, no felting?

Just a thought. Enjoy!


I think I’ve got it! :thumbsup: Thanks so much :cheering:

It IS a great bag though!

Thanks Roxie! That’s a very good substitution; just do it as a drawstring and NO felting!

You’re welcome dallas!
Also - a tip on HTML … anytime you’re wondering how stuff is written on a web page you can always right-click the page then choose “View Page Source”

It will show the exact code for everything on that page. I would recommend getting familiar a little bit more first, otherwise it can be confusing/overwhelming… I know I was in the beginning!

Good luck with your bag projects!



i don’t know it looks like the Trio bag to me. Can be found on this site under bags and purses, and

i have been trying to find the yarn for that one, or a substitute cuz i like that one a lot. I want to do a bag and i am not sure my machine will felt anything properly from what i have read because it is front load, so i am skeeered of trying the booga. This one looks great to me…just hafta find the yarn…lol

OH Im liking that Trio bag! :cheering: Im not usually a bag person!

Brenda –

I, too, have a front loader, and I went searching for some felting instructions for it and found this. Perhaps you’ll get to it before I do! If so, please let us know how it works out!

Kelly –

I’ve been enticed by that one, too, but for some reason I am a bag lady :lol:

Someday I shall knit that one!! I love the colors!

[color=brown]ooooooooh thank you so much for the info!! I talked to the lady at my LYS tonight too about it and she said too that she has a low agitation washer and she is able to felt in a couple of turns with some jeans in the machine too. [/color]

[color=green]So i finally stopped and got the yarn to make the trio bag but i am not starting it until i get a new set of 11s. I have my eyes on a set of Boyes on ebay[/color] [color=indigo](not boys like the typo first said cuz i don’t think you can get those, legally on ebay! :wink: )[/color] [color=green]that i want to get first…plus maybe finishing one or two of the EIGHT projects that i have started!! why is it that i love so much to see what the yarn looks like on needles?[/color]

I’m so glad someone finally taught me/us to do the links that way! So here are some Recipes. Enjoy!!

lol…that’s random…i love Allrecipes…i get almost all of my new recipes from there! My favorite part is that when you are looking for that recipe like grandma use to make…SOMEONE on there has it. The reviews are great for getting tips…LOVE LOVE LOVE that site!