Knit or Purl row? how to tell?


I am new, but I have been reading here for a couple days. I am pretty new to knitting other than making scarves when I was a kid. I just had to rip out several rows of a little doll dress that I am working on. The area that I am working on is knit one row, purl the next. I was keeping track on a row counter. Now I don’t know where I am. Yesterday I read somewhere here how you can tell if you are just coming off a purl row or a knit row. Now I can’t find where I read it!! Can anyone help me?


Look at the work as if you are going to start the next row. If you see a bunch of flat v’s then you knit that row, if it’s a bunch of bumps then you purl. Think about stockinette this way, you are putting all the bumps on one side, so you want to keep the flat side flat and not add bumps, if you purl it puts the bumps on the side facing you, knitting puts them on the other side.

I hope this helps.

Oh and you don’t need a row counter to keep track, before you start your next row slip a stitch counter (I use little hair ties) at the bottom of the needle then when ever you are working onto the needle you know to knit.


Thanks so much, Dawn!

About the stitch markers - do you mean you put a new stitch marker on for each row?


No, you don’t keep it in the knitting, like a stitch marker is usually used. Just slip it on to the needle and let it slide down to the bottom, leave it there. It will be at the bottom of the needle the whole time. It’s not really marking stitches, it’s marking you needle.

So each time you do a row, you slip a marker on the end of the needle? So if you have done 11 rows, you will have 11 markers on the end of your needle?


I think the point is that if you put a marker on the needle that you are working FROM when you are knitting, you will always know that when your needle full of stitches AND the marker is in your left hand that means you are knitting those…when the needle full of stitches does NOT have a marker then you are purling. It is better to learn what the stitches look like though cuz it took me nearly six months to really get it since i was doing something like that to keep it clear for myself.

One thing is that the above method would not work if you are using a circular needle which is what i always use.

No you don’t keep adding markers, just have the one like Brenda said.

I actually found doing this helped me to understand looking at the work, so I guess it depends on the person. I questioned myself a lot and it helped to have that there to know that I was looking at it correctly. And you ca’t do this with circular needles.