Knit One,Purl One

[FONT=“Franklin Gothic Medium”]Hello all! I’m following a scarf pattern and it says to knit one, purl one for several rows. However, when I knit one, purl one it looks like a giant knot throughout the row. Any clues on what I could be doing wrong?[/FONT]

You’re probably not moving the yarn between the needles to switch positions from back to front. And depending on if you’ve got an even number of sts you’ll get ribbing or seed stitch. Which pattern is it?

It says it is a seed stitch. Here is the link to the scarf:

This is the first pattern I’ve ever used. And I’m very new to knitting…there I’m all over the place confused lol

Okay for a seed stitch it may look weird for a few rows. But still, make sure you take the yarn between the tips when switching from knits to purls and on each row, knit the ones that look like knits and purl the sts that look like knits.

If you’re brand new to knitting, you might want to consider trying a simpler pattern, like stockinette stitch, just so that you can get used to what the stitches look like and how each stitch is made. Seed stitch is a relatively simple stitch, but I know if that had been the first thing I tried, I would have wanted to rip my hair out. I’m relatively brand new myself, and I find that things become a lot easier once you’re familiar with what the stitches are supposed to look like.

I can do the stockinette stitch pretty well, it’s just the knit one, purl one that I have a problem with. Here’s an example of my knit one, purl one:

Anybody know what’s going wrong?

First of you don’t have enough on there to really see the pattern yet. For ribbing or seed stitch you need a good inch or more to tell. That first couple rows can look like a mess. Work on it some more then we can get a better idea.

A second thought…on the second row you know to knit the purls and purl the knits? That’s how you make seed stitch. Here’s a sample of what the stitches look like.

Your photo is a little too large, too. Check the link in my signature to find out appropriate sizes. You can leave this one if you want, but for next time. :wink:

It looks okay, but won’t look like ribbing until you have at least 4 or 5 rows, so just keep going.