Knit one purl one?

Is it supposed to curl??? AND is it supposed to look like V’s on one side and like a U on the other? THANKS! Oh, and right now I’m just checking my guage…

k1p1 is ribbing and it shouldn’t curl at the bottom, but it will curl a bit at the sides.

If you want v’s on one side and bumps on the other that is stockinette and it’s done by knitting one side and purling the other. It curls everywhere. :teehee:

Hmmm, I wonder what I am doing wrong then??? the pattern says knit rs, purl ws… isn’t that the same thing as knit one row, then purl the next? :??

Yes, knitting one row and purling the next will make stockinette. Your title said “knit one purl one” which refers to ribbing usually. :wink:

What are you making?

Teeh ee, ok thanks…
if it comes out right. lol. I just did my guage, and I don’t have enough stitches per inch. Im supposed to have 4 using a 10 1/2 needle but I have like 3 1/2 so Im going to go down to a size 10.