Knit one below

Hi all,

As usual I have a question. I am going to knitting a pattern from the book “Knit one below”. The pattern is Laid-Back Lapels (a vest). I am working the Column Pattern which consists of a 4 row repeat.

Row one is k1, * k1b, k1 repeat from * I understand this. On the next page it says Garter-stitch edge…Row 1 K2… it also calls for joining of the sides with a 3 needle bind off. This pattern also uses two colors so I need to run colors up the rows as I go.

My question is do I add the garter sts to both sides of the pattern as I move up and if so are these sts included in the number of sts to be cast on.

I hope this makes sense to someone here…

Thanks in advance!!!


There’s a picture of this vest on Ravelry. The beginning of the instructions for the cast on will tell you where to place the patterns for the k1b etc. and the garter st border and the number of sts cast on will include the border if it’s knit vertically along each side of the vest. Three needle bind off at the shoulders.
(Possibly, if you’re using 3 needle bind-off to join the [I]sides[/I] however, it may be that you do only the k1b pattern for the body and then pick up sts along the edge for a horizontal garter st which joins at the sides. Depends on the initial instructions after the cast on.)

I had looked on Ravelry under the designers name and that pattern wasn’t there. Took your suggestion and looked up the pattern name. It was easy to tell by the ones that were already finished that there are no garter sts on the sides. I have started knitting it today.

Thanks for your help! :heart: