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Hi I’m new here and am in dire need of help. I am trying my first pattern in this book, the first one called allover cabling, and I am stumped on the second row. I don’t know where to find errata for this book. I called Knit Picks and they said they would get back to me in 24 to 48 hours. I will go nuts before then.

Has anyone here bought this book? Can you help me? My mom has looked at it also and she has never seen a pattern written like this.

Peggy J in Utah

I have that book!

Unfortunately I won’t be home where it is for 6-7 hrs from now. I’ll check back this evening to see if you still need help.

You can type out what row 2 says and what you don’t understand about it. Maybe someone can help w/out having the book.

I checked on ravelry and unfortunately no one has made that pattern and so there are no comments on it. I googled the designer of the pattern, Joyce Nordstrom, to see if she had a website or if you could contact her directly, and unfortunately found an obituary for her-- she just died this April, apparently. So you may have to wait for Mirl or knitpicks. Sorry about that!

Ok then. I guess I will wait and see you later. Boohoo. But thanks for the speedy replies.
Peggy in Utah

Yes, I looked on Ravelry too, not even a picture of it!

It is the red cardigan in the first “view more pics” at the knitpicks site?

What do the row 2 directions tell you to do that you don’t understand?

Yes, it is the red cable cardigan

Mirl are you home and available yet?

Errata usually appear on the publisher’s Web site.

Why don’t you post the row and the questions you have about it. Someone might be able to help with just that info.

row 2
Pat set-up row(RS): inc1, p1(p1,k1,k1,k1,k1),inc1,sm,k1,sm,Inc1,k0(0,1,1,2,2),p3,k3,p3,k0 (0,1,1,2,2),Inc1 sm,k1,sm,Inc1,k0(0,1,1,2,2),[p3,k3] 5 times,p3,k0(0,1,1,2,2),Inc1,sm,k1,sm,Inc1,k0 (0,1,1,2,2),p3,k3,p3,k0(0,1,1,2,2),Inc1,sm,k1,sm,Inc1,p1(p1,k1,k1,k1,k1),Inc1 (77,77,83,83,89,89 sts)

Row 3 (and all WS rows): Work ribbed cable pat as established, workingnew sts into pat as they accumulate(see pattern notes).

Row 4 (Inc row): *Inc1, work in pat as established to 1 st before marker,Inc1, sm,k1,sm; rep from * to last marker, Inc1, work in pat as established to last st, Inc1. (87,87,93,93,99,99 sts)

Ribbed Cable (multiple of 6 sts)
Rows 1 and 3 (RS): *K3,p3; rep from the * to end.
Rows 2 and all WS rows: Work the sts as they present themselves, knitting the knit sts, purling the purl sts.
Row 5: CF3, p3
Row 6: Rep Row 2
Rep Rows 1-6 for pat.

I don’t think I have done row 2 correctly, but I have pretty much figured that part out. But I can’t grasp what the writer means for the rest of the rows.


Sorry, you know how it goes - you get home, eat, do dishes, then you have to go out for this and that, etc, etc. get home just in time for NCIS. then, even though there are 2 computers and only 3 people, I always seem to be the one w/out computer access. Go figure!

anyway, if you haven’t already, make a copy of the pages out of the book so you can mark them up a bit. You noticed there are 6 sizes given, so there are a lot of numbers you don’t need in that row 2. Go thru the pattern and circle the numbers that apply to the size you’re making. That will go a long way to keeping down the confusion of reading the wrong number at the wrong time.

Are you sure you’re done with row 2?

Row 3 basically says to work the pattern as established. Your basic pattern at this point is k3, p3. So work the stitches as they appear to you - if you ended the previous row with p3, now that you have turned and are on the next row, those 3 stitches appear as knit stitches - so knit 3. then just continue in pattern, p3, k3 across. As you get to the raglan seams, you may only have 0 - 1 or 2 stitches to complete the 3/3 pattern.

Your overall pattern for the cables is a repeat of 6 rows, on row 5 is when you will cross the cable, the rest of the rows are just k3, p3.

Is that any help??

Ok for some reason that makes sense this morning. Seems rather simple so I know to beware! gg I have to redo row 2 and then I will press on to row 3. I will let you know how it goes.

By George, I thinks she’s got it!!! I’m on to row 4! Thank you, Thank you so much. I was so upset about this that I torn off my acrylic nails yesterday. They were lifting anyway, but still…ouch! Thanks again. Great site for help that is now bookmarked in my favorites.

I was looking for pattern errata for another cardigan when I saw your thread. All pattern corrections are found at House of White Birches’ web site.

Hopefully you have not given up, and this will help THREE years later. So sorry!

Btw there are a lot of patterns with errata in this book, I don’t recommend it…