Knit Oakley the Owl - HELP

I am a complete beginner trying my first knit project - the instructions are attached. I am on the body section on the second paragraph. I understand how to cast on and cast off but I’m not sure what it means when it says knit 20 cast off 7 stitches. Any help would be appreciated. If there are any pictures or tutorial videos that would be great.

Thanks, Emily :slight_smile:

Welcome to the forum!
The bind off is the same as you would do at the end of a project. Knit 20sts, then knit 2 more sts and lift the second stitch over the stitch at the tip of the right needle.
Here’s a video that may help:

Thank you, that video made perfect sense :cheering:

Can anyone help please I am trying to knit the Aldi knit Oakley owl for my granddaughters friend who has the kit but had mislaid the instructions. I would be very grateful to anyone who has them and would be willing to share them with me thanks in advance