Knit nite at my LYS

i finally got brave and went to the knit night at my LYS! it was so great to sit and knit and chat with others who actually understand, and who like the same thing! :cheering: one of the ladies has a daughter the same age as mine. and the owner was celebrating her 8th anniversary of being open, and was giving away door prizes. i got two! woo hoo a beautiful skein of Socks That Rock in farmhouse colorway and a pattern for it, as well as a great bookKnitters Companion! what a great start to what will become a long love affair i am sure :heart:

:passedout: Wow! How cool! I’ve been going to my Knit-in’s too, but no door prizes. :teehee:

Hi Jeani! Where is your LYS? In Spanaway, Puyallup, Tacoma?

i went to lambs ear in tacoma, right on Pacific and 48th. its such a cute little shop, and so friendly! she even has spinning supplies :heart: and she even dyes and sells her own yarns

That sounds like so much fun I have never been to a knit in since none of the LYS stores around me have one but the other day I went to the LYS across the street from my office to knit at lun. At first At first, I was the only one there with the owner, but after awhile a couple of people dropped by to show off what they were working on. It was so much fun. Bad thing was though, I loved 2 of the other things being made by the other girls and wound up spending $50.00. I did not want to go back to work wwhen my hour was up - it was a blast!

sanibelle maybe you could talk to your favorite LYS owner and see if they would be willing to host a knit night? i am lucky in that both my LYS host knit nights. check out, they may have a listing for your area for knitters :slight_smile:

I’ve been wanting to go to knit night at my LYS, but they charge $5 each week. Is it common for LYS to charge a fee to particiate in knit night? Of course, if I buy something the fee is waived but I can’t afford that every week (even if I want to!).

i don’t know if that’s common, maybe you could ask what the fee goes to? maybe they do activities or use it to provide refreshments? mine are both free :shrug:

my fav lys has every Tues night 6-8p.m. open knitting… you bring any project that you purchased there and a great knowledgable knitter/teacher is there to help if you need it…Open Knitting is too much fun!!! the best shop around the area!!!:star::star::star:


I don’t think my LYS has one of these… they do a class that’s sort of freeform on Tuesday nights, but I haven’t been yet bc it’s $15 and I always seem to be too broke (mostly bc I envision adding at least $40 to that fee for yarn I wouldn’t be able to resist)…

Maybe this week.

So how many guys were there?

it was all women but the shop doggie is a male yorkie :teehee:

What was he knitting?

i think it was a farose shawl:mrgreen:


Hi Jeani! :waving:

I knew it!!! I have been to the Lamb’s Ear several times! It is not far from my daughter’s home in Tacoma. My girlfriend and I made a special trip to the Lamb’s Ear a few times! We love :heart: it!

My LYS has one, but I’m too nervous to go! I still don’t think of myself as a “real” knitter, even though I went in the shop last time while a class was going on, and everyone was totally complimenting my purse.
I think I have a knitting complex?

I’m so glad that you had such a wonderful time though. It’s great when we can form friendships and have fun when we share this common interest. So nice :smiley:

oh you should go if you can! i am totaly not a social butterfly , but i made myself go. usually i am glad i extend my self outside my comfort zone, but it’s hard! i am always worried someone won’t like me or i won’t fit in… and as for inferior knitting lol i have only been knitting since februrary, i worked on a booga bag and they were very curious about the yarn (boku) and very complimentary as to my choice. next week i think i am going to start socks and take them with for some help :slight_smile:

Hi Mason! :waving:

You would have loved one of our LYS! It was owned by a man and wife…and he is a better knitter than she is! Also, one of their employees was also a guy, and he still teaches classes in downtown Seattle! One of their best customers was a guy knitter, and his knitting was displayed in the shop! [As a matter of fact, I bought one of his afghans made from all colors of Manos Del Uruguay! The couple was closing down to move out of the USA…so they had a BIG SALE!]

This LYS (formerly called Pastimes Yarn and Sitting Room) sponsored an Alaskan Knitters Cruise in 2004. Four major knitting designers were on board to give intensive classes [I]during cruising time of the Inside Passage. [/I] Elsebeth Lavold from Sweden, Chris Blysma from Minnesota, Sasha Kagan from UK, and Nancy Wiseman from my State! The shop owners and their employees were on the cruise as well. We had over 100 knitters from all over the USA! Very cool.
We got 20 hours of instruction with one designer of our choice, and 2 hours of instruction from the other 3.

Wish you were there! Wish someone else would sponsor such a cruise again!

wow artlady! that sounds awsome! i was telling dh what estes festival was, and that maybe for our anniversary next year we could maybe go… he laughed! he said he had no desire to walk around and look at yarn :rofl: