Knit 'n Style October 2010 Issue 169

Does anyone have this issue? The sweaters DO NOT FIT the models… they are mostly too big, especially the sleeves. I think I remember this from the last issue, too and I am wondering why I have a subscription. I love knitting magazines, even if I don’t use the patterns, but this issue just annoyed me.

OK, I think I will go read the magazine and not look at the pictures …

The pictures they show here look okay.

I know exactly what you mean though. I also hate it when they don’t show other angles so you can see how it fits across the back. It’s like when you walk into a store and see a nice fitted top you’d like only to find out it’s pinned in back!!

Having them on perfect models is dumb, too. It would make more sense for us if they showed the sweater fitting properly, but on two different body types. They do that in the Knitting Daily Galleries and it’s nice to see how something fits for real life people. That’s another reason to love Ravelry! Real people!

I love that Knitting Daily shows garments on several “real” people! Rav, too!

You are right about the model size, maybe someone knitted the pattern exactly in a size small and the girls are xxxxsmall :slight_smile:

Anyway, I am trying to enjoy the magazine without the pictures :slight_smile: :slight_smile: Sort of like … uh, I get this magazine for the articles not for the pictures !

I find it worse when the garment is too small which may be why I didn’t think they were too bad. I hate it when the buttons gap at the chest or you can see the fabric pulling over chest or shoulders. :zombie:

Oh, I hate that button gap thing, too! You see it so often, not just knitting mags. What, does someone think that looks good???

Yeah…or what about the Rav pix where they are standing with their boobs shoved out. Really? :doh:

I would have to agree with the pics in Knit N Style. But I think the sweaters are not necessarily too big but they have some seriously shapeless styles.

If I were to subscribe to a knitting magazine, it would be either Vogue or Interweave Knits and most likely Interweave Knits! I love the Knitting Daily posts and the gallery photos. You can get an idea of what size to knit from them. IW has lots of garments knitted in the round, too which I dig.

One of the Vogue knitting magazines I got had a pattern for a sweater where the button hole were all stretched out of shape and gappy as a style element. No thanks! Just makes me look like a stuffed sausage.

No kidding…I hate that too…but I have found out why they do it. The samples use up the least amount of wool. And look best in the smallest size on the smallest model. That is the selling point.

I agree…real people first…but real people don’t move wool…sigh