Knit Matching Hats and Scarves

For those of you who knit hats and scarves, do you have the compulsion to at least match them in some way, even if the patterns aren’t matching? For example, you’ll use the same yarn or colour etc… :think: I never get to wear them in hot and humid Singapore but I find myself planning to knit matching hats and scarves so at least I know I’ll have a stylish wardrobe if I ever visit scarf-worthy countries. :teehee:


Just fisnished the palindrome scarf and need to stat the hat!

I am doing the Palindrome scarf also. cloud9
It’s always fun to do a matching hat. I like giving sets as gifts.

And I’m the opposite! I rarely ever match. I recently made matching hat and gloves, but they are a gift for someone. Not sure why I don’t match. Maybe I’m too eclectic to match :slight_smile:

I’ve never knitted matching things, mainly because I’ve only knitted one hat and it wasn’t for me!!! But before I learned to knit (last winter) I bought matching things. I’m not so bothered about patterns tho, as long as the colours match.

Here’s my answer! :wink:

I am thinking about picking up some more of the yarn I am using for the Irish Hiking Scarf to make a hat to go with it. I haven’t yet done a hat so thought it would make a good first one. Not sure if I could match the pattern itself but at least the colors would be the same.

My second “real” project (still in progress) is a matching hat and scarf for my 6yo son. I think they’ll look so cute if they match. My dd is now asking for a hat in Gryffindor colors to match the scarf I made her. :adding to my growing to-knit list: I personally hate wearing hats, so when I finally get around to knitting myself something it will probably be a scarf and matching ear-warmer/headband. For those frosty January morning walks with the pup…who also needs a sweater. :adding yet again to the to-knit list: