Knit Karl Scarf

I was the lucky winner of one of the KnitKarl boxes. The pattern for the scarf says cast on 51 stitches , and knit till the scarf is 2 m. it says finished dimension is 40 cm width. There is no way to get 40 cm using the 7mm needles they send you. I went up 2 sizes and got it to 26 but I’m thinking of restarting the project. question. do you think I should cast on more stitches initially, or try bigger needles or do you think they are measuring it, front to back and around the other side?

40cm is a really wide measurement for a scarf. Can u post a pic here of the scarf and the beginning of the instructions?? So we can get an idea of what they’re talking about!!


Thanks so much for posting that! Unfortunately, I have no idea how to help you! The only suggestion I can make is that you go ahead and cast on the 51 sts and use those for the whole thing! I’m sure your project will turn out just as nice as the one in the picture and WHO CARES if it doesn’t match what they say?!?!?!?

Then again, that’s just me. There are no “knitting police” that come around to check up on us! So you should be able to knit whatever you want, however you want! I think you will still end up with a nice scarf!



and the yarn you use is 4 Balls of merino yarn 140 m = 100g

That yarn at 140m/100g is in the range of chunky yarn or about 11-15sts/10cm. At that stitch gauge, 44-60sts should give you 40cm worked on about a 7mm needle.

So the cast on and needle sizes make sense with the chunky yarn.How many cm have you tried knitting after the cast on of 51sts?

btw, Congratulations on winning the contest!

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Tnx. It’s not a chunky yarn at all. With 51 stitches it measures 20 cm across on 7mm

What weight do you think it is? Is there a name on the yarn, source, sts/10cm, any further information?
How many inches have you knit with the 7mm needles before checking width?

Sorry for all the questions. You might also ask the people who sent the yarn or the pattern source. You’re probably not the only one struggling with gauge.

I’ve reached out to them but no answer. I totally appreciate all your help. And yes on back it say 18 stitches by 22 rows equals 10 x10cm

I agree it doesn’t matter so much for a scarf but a- I just wanted to make sure I wasn’t crazy and b- I am almost planning on making the sweater ( the box I won gave you patterns for 4 items). I worry about the accuracy of all instructions given they can’t give accurate instructions for a scarf.

That’s a good point. You’re smart to check this all out!!

Hope it works out for you!!

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Hi djsalem, just wanted to ask if what you did knit came out okay considering fairly large needles with fine yarn. From the pic the scarf looks close knit but as is often the case, you don’t see the real deal.
I now want to try this out for myself - I like the style and also to see how it knits up.

I’m about half way thru it. I think it looks good. Posting pics it takes four balls of (140 m =100g). I used 10,5 needles ( slightly smaller than the 7mm they provided ). And yes it looks close knit. I love the sides of it— Good luck.

Lovely finishing on the edges and prize winning scarf!

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It looks great! I was thinking to put fringing on - didn’t realise it had in the pic.

Love the edging but number needles - are these US or UK sizes?

Must look for some fine Merino - is it 8ply?

Lovely bit of knitting! :+1:

Yes 8 ply. Good luck.

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Thanks djsalam, your 10.5 needles are US size I believe and I have the equivalent in metric which are 6.5…I’ve also got 7mm so just the wool now.
It looks really classy! Thanks for putting up instructions. size. Sorry I forgot to answer that. Good luck!!

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Hi djsalem, before I order the wool I want to get the right number of balls.

These are 50 gram balls of yarn measuring 140m.

I thought 400g before but not completely sure now.

the instructions say it takes 4 balls of yarn… does that help