Knit in stitch below SNH pretty please :)

I looked at Amy’s video, and it cuts out exactly the milisecond before my question!!!

So, I get where I am supposed to put my right needle, in the stitch below…
BUT…what do I do with the stitch above? If I knit that, I’ll have an increase, but if I drop it…I’ll have a dropped stitch?

i have some booties I’d like to make…that has this in it. :slight_smile: thanks!!!

I believe that knitting in the stitch below is so that you DO get an increase. I suppose you could then either knit the next stitch or slip it - what exactly does the pattern say?


  • Cast on 22 stitches, work K1, p1 for 3 rows to form ribbing.
    • Row 4: Knit
    • Row 5: Purl
    • Row 6: (Pattern) K1, *k2tog across row to last st. *, K1.
      *[color=red] Row 7: K1, pick up stitch between and below next st, continue until last 2 sts, K2. [/color] * Row 8: Knit
    • Row 9: Purl
    • Row 10: Same as row 6.
    • Row 11: Same as row 7 (this pattern row is later used to run ch thru for ties)
    • Begin instep: Knit 7 sts, place on holder, K8 and place remaining 7 sts on another holder. (22 sts)
    • Work the 8 sts of instep in K1 row, P1 row for 10 rows.
    • Break yarn off at end of 10 rows. End with knit row and place the 8 sts on holder also.
    • Pick up 7 sts on holder plus 5 sts along side of instep, 8 sts at end
      of instep, 5 sts along other side of instep and remaining 7 sts on the
      other holder.
    • Work these 32 sts for six rows in a K1 row, P1 row, on 7th row bind off.
    • Sew up bottom and back of bootie.
    • Crochet a single chain to use as a tie for the booties, one for each.
    • Pom Poms can be added to the end of the ties.

I put the whole thing in so you could see…it is from the 5 hour baby sweater pattern. It actually says…between and below…but I have seen it to make a kind of check, plaid?? pattern ( i think…)