Knit in front, back and then front?

I need help. This is what the pattern says "Row 5: * K in front, back, then front of next st, rep from * across – 30 sts."
I have knitted in front and back BUT never front, back and front.

It can be a little awarkward at first…but all you do is enter the stitch in the front and knit…knit the stitch in the back and knit…then come back and enter the st into the front again and knit…you will have 3sts out of that 1 st :thumbsup:

Two alternatives you can use (they do look different but you may not mind)

a) knit purl knit into the same stitch

b) k, YO, knit into same stitch.

all three methods are double increases, and as I said, look a bit different, but sometimes it doesn’t really make enough difference so that you can use whichever is easiest for you.