Knit hat for curly head

My sister has curly hair and she keeps hinting at a knit hat for Christmas, like heavily hinting. I keep telling her that it will only make her hair frizzy, something she fights with already. Anyway, do you all know of a good yarn/pattern that would lessen the friz? Please help.

I don’t know of a hat that can actually lessen the frizz. All hats fit about the same really. :shrug:

Wellll… a hat will keep her hair dry, so it won’t frizz as much…? :??


Would maybe a rasta-style hat or tam or beret work?

Is her hair big? Does she need a bigger hat? My hair is natural (read “nappy”) and these little knit hats everywhere just don’t fit me. If her hair is big, I think gardenmommy’s suggestions sounds best. There’s a beautiful fair isle one in Vogue Knitting holiday issue

Or this beret that might work for bigger hair since it seems to be mushroomish at the top in the winter issue of Interweave Knits

jberry, I have naturally curly hair, and I made myself three of the SnB “Newsboy Caps” (from SnB “Nation”). You can adjust the pattern to be bigger to accomodate more hair or smaller to accomodate less thicker hair. For myself, I made the largest of the sizes, and I pile my hair into it, and I don’t have a problem with it frizzing up my hair or anything, or giving me “hat hair”. I really love the hat–it’s very comfortable, not too tight or too loose, and it’s been a real lifesaver on “bad hair days”. It was easy to knit, too. Just a suggestion.

I was going to suggest the newsboy cap from SnB too =D I was beaten to it - I have thick hair and have found that style of cap is great =D

I made a hat using the scrunchable scarf pattern (I posted the pattern somewhere here too), and I have really curly hair, and it kind of just softly perches on the top of it :smiley:

If her main objective is keeping her ears warm, maybe something like this or this would work better for her than a traditional hat. :shrug:

I made this hat for my sister (who has massicely curly hair) on 10s with worsted wieght yarn after adding about 1/2 an inch to the measurements and it fits over her long hair in a ponytail. I think that if it’s knit loosely enough, it’ll work.