Knit granny squares?

i really love the classic granny square afghans, but being pretty untalented in the crochet department, have been looking for a knit equivalent. has anyone ever heard of a good pattern?

I know there are books about knitting afghans. I believe there are oodles of them. Maybe you can make “blocks” or squares of yarn, BO and then start another block and then later mattress stitch all the squares together. I don’t have a pattern for you though.

[color=indigo]I saw a similar one recently in a book, but I was at Border’s with a foot high stack of books and a large cup of coffee…can’t remember which book… Sorry.[/color]

I knit an afghan made of five panels, by simply casting on the number of stitches I wanted for each panel’s width.
I knit for 4 or 5 or 6 inches in one pattern, keeping 5 knit stitches on each end for the binding; then I would change the pattern and keep on knitting. I used a book of 100 or so knitting stitches as my guide. I also changed colours for each new pattern.
This way, I taught myself a goodly number of new stitches, and enjoyed seeing the creation as it knitted up. It was fun, and made a stunning afghan. I gave it away without taking any photos of it, unfortunately. Craziness!

There is an afghan similar to this in the Mason Dixon book. Basically what they were doing was making sections out of different shades and stitches. You could just decide the size of the squares and knit them in different colors and stitches. In the book the squares are knit together into a border also.