Knit four dolls so far, for charity

I really enjoy making these. Anyone else knitting up small dolls?

Love 'em!

Adorable! Love the garter at the bottom of the one guy…looks like baggy pants. :teehee:

I have made them before and it was fun! I really enjoy using up and being creative with the little scraps of yarn. Are you knitting flat and seaming or knitting in the round? There are a few of these patterns so not sure which one you’re doing or even if you’re following one.

Those are adorable! What a great group of friends to send off to a charity together.

These are too cute! I like the variety, and that keeps the knitting interesting, too (of course, what does it say about me when something as simple as changing colors amuses me–oh yeah, simple minded!).

I thought Olha had made some of these for her charity knitting, but maybe I’m misremembering that!

Are your dolls going to be given to ‘needy’ children or are they going to be sold to raise money for charity?