Knit flowers?

I’m looking for patterns for 3-d flowers. I did a felted bowl/vase kind of thing, and would like to put knit flowers in it. I’m pretty sure I can handle leaves, and the stems could be i-cords with wire or pipe cleaners through them, but the flowers themselves… I have one pattern that’s a sort of applique onto a pillow that could probably be used, but I’d like a variety. Any suggestions?

You might want to check with Knitting Pattern Central, since they are free and easily downloaded and usually have good pictures to show the finished product.

I have done some of the knitted flowers however, I usually use crochet patterns when I do flowers…somehow it is faster and I can finish quick with embellishments and get back to knitting.

Thanks much, Louine. I’ve got to bookmark that site. (As a matter of fact, just did. :lol: ) I’ve been referred there a couple of times, found things I’ve used, and had to be sent there again. You’d think I’d have “gotten it” by now. :oops: Oh, well. Better late than never. :smiley: :XX:

I agree, knittingpatterncentral has a great selection. I used the felted rose & leaf for my Booga bag :wink:

I just received the latest “Yarnworks” catalog and on the cover are some beautiful knit felted flowers!! Just beautiful. :happydance:

I just bought the new spring/summer issue of Family Circle Easy Knitting. Overall the magazine was a bummer. However, there was one page in the magazine devoted to making posies (pansies) by knitting. It didn’t seem to complicated, it was done on regular needles.

:smiley: Thanks everyone! I appreciate the help!

we were talking about his over on the “whatcha knittin” board and someone pointed out these cool Noni patterns (you can get just the flower pattern, don’t have to get the bag) and there are also these in pattern only or kit that comes with everything you need to make the flower.

Kemp - Thanks! Some very pretty ones. :inlove: :inlove: :inlove:

:smiley: Uh oh…I love the kit flowers :smiley: Now, I must decide how to use them…perhaps a scarf with a vine & varied flowers…all felted :thumbsup:

Look at these pretty knit pansies! FREE PATTERN! :heart:

Sandy - Love it! Thank you!!! Now I just need time…

don’t forget nicky epsteins knitted flowers book!

:cheering: :inlove: I didn’t forget it, I didn’t know about it in the first place! :doh: I have Knitting on the Edge - if this is anything near as good, it’s phenomenal and exactly what I need. Thank you!

I covet Nicky Epstein’s knitted flowers book, but everywhere I look it says “not yet published” probably just as well, I’ve spent a fortune this month on books and yarn :rofling:

I love the flowers - especially the dafodils in kemp’s link.

REALLY??? it’s totally published, I bought it months ago!! has a free felted knitted flower pattern under their catagory - free patterns, knit, accessories.

Yep /sigh amazon UK say not yet published and I tried Waterstones too. Foyle’s say they will order it but that I’d have to wait till its published. Grr wonder if I order from Amazon US would it arrive…

ROFL ok I’m ordering it from Amazon US - thats crazy UK Amazon says not yet published you can normally order in books from Amazon International sources even if they aren’t published here. I’ll write to Amazon UK!

Knitting over the Edge ISBN 1931543755
SnB Nation ISBN 0761135901

Both have flowers and I believe they both have leaves, all in knit. I like them a lot and they are very easy.

I just borrowed them from the library and used what I needed, at least for now.