Knit flat on circular needles?

I’m starting a baby afhgan…how do you knit flat on circular needles?

pattern says to use 29" size 11 circular needles but I don’t understand how to knit on circular without joining?

thanks so much!

You knit flat the same way you do if you’re on straight needles. When you get to the end of the row, you turn around and go the other direction.

Pretend the cord isn’t there. :wink: I had the same issue when I started knitting!

thanks so much that makes a lot of sense!

Just make sure the tail end is always coming from the left hand needle, like with regular straight needles.

Just make sure that the yarn is always on the needle in your [B]left[/B] hand when you [B]begin[/B] a new row. Then it will be on your right hand needle for the rest of the row. After you are finished with the row, turn the whole deal around until the yarn is on the needle in your left hand again, then begin the next row. I recommend that you finish a whole row if possible before putting it down for a while. It makes it a lot easier to remember where you were. Remember…yarn starts out on the left needle, finishes on the right.

My first attempts were frustrating, I would occasionally knit in a circle and I didn’t know why, until someone taught me this.
Good Luck!

You aren’t the only one who was a little confused; so was I. I am now on my second project, a jacket, with circular needles and find I don’t want to go back to the somewhat cumbersome two separate needles. For one thing it is so much easier to measure your work on the circs. You will get the ‘hang’ of it - keep trying - I did and am I am so glad I did. Good luck.