Knit Dish Cloth pattern

Hello everyone.

I’m trying to follow what I thought would be an easy pattern but I am already stuck!

It is for a dish cloth pattern found here

It says to
Cast on 1 st
1st row K1, yfwd, K1

First, I assume, yfwd is like yo - is this correct?
And if so, I’ve K1 the first and only stitch that I casted on, brought the yarn over then…how can I K1 again if there is nothing left on my left needle?

Thank you for your help.

Actually, it says K1, YFWD, K1 all in stitch So don’t slide the single stitch off your left needle til the end of the second knit stitch.

ohhh! :blush:

I thought it just meant you end up with 3 stitches. Thank you! That makes much more sense.

Lily also prints a great pattern on the inside of their labels called the ballband dishcloth. It’s the one that I make. I love it to wash my face with, because it’s not as abrasive as some of those scrubbers for your face, but sturdier than a regular washcloth. Congrats on discovering the wonderful world of dishcloths!