Knit/crochet boots? How would you make these? :)

Okay, who’s gonna make me these??? :slight_smile: Do you think they’re “cute” or no??? How would you make them??? :slight_smile:

I seen ones similar to those in walmart, the underboot was a rubber boot, and the crochet was a slip cover. They didn’t look very comfortable, don’t know what they would do if they got wet.

Laura C

knitty gritty did an episode about making boots…you start out with a plain shoe and go from there.

Oh Wow!!!

You Americans have all the funky stuff :notworthy:

They are beautiful I want some :heart: But I feel ‘the’ list is already too long :teehee:

:wink: Cept’ Sienna Miller was one of the ones (famous ones) who made knit/ crochet boots known. :wink: