Knit Coffee Sleeve

Here is another Coffee Cozy I made. The pattern I found on Ravelry here I used Patton’s SWS in Natural Raisin. This was a quick knit, even for me! :stuck_out_tongue: I was originally going to give it to my DD, but instead plan on giving to a co-worker. We head down to the cafeteria every afternoon for coffee or cocoa!

That’s pretty, Marg!

Oh, that’s cute!

:yay: It looks great, very cute!!

Pretty and I like the color.

Purty :inlove:

[COLOR=“DarkOrchid”]What a beautiful cuff for the wrist this could be as well…
TEMA:thumbsup: [/COLOR]

It turned out beautiful! What a great gift!

Very nice, and I love the color!!! :heart::heart::heart:

your knitting looks great, and what a nice gift for your friend. :slight_smile:

Love it. My next project (after the never-ending baby blanket) is to learn how to cable with a tea cozy similar to this.

That’s a really pretty purple and the design around it is nice :slight_smile: