Knit by working into front and back of st. 2 times

I cannot figure this part of the directions out and do not see mention of it in any of my instruction books. I know that it is supposed to produce a "lacelike"trim.

What pattern is it? Sometimes just seeing a picture of it can help us figure it out.

It sounds like an increase where you knit front and back, but then knit front and back again into the same stitch. Or it may mean to knit into front and back of the next 2 sts. Can you post just that row so we can figure it out?

Knit 4 stitches in the next st by working into the front and back of the stitch twice, picking up the yarn each time while the original st remains on the left needle. When done slide the original st off.
The pattern is from knit picks and it is Mary’s Summer BG

Okay, that is more clear, knit into the front, back, front and back of the next stitch. It’s like the kfb shown in the Increases video, but you do it twice. It helps if you knit loosely.

Thank you so much Suezeeq…I got it after viewing the video several times. I have already completed several of these and they look like the pattern. Guess I almost have this bag “in the bag”.:happydance: :happydance: