Knit and crochet on one piece

I want to switch from crocheting to knitting, and visa versa, in the middle of a piece. Does anyone know of any links to tutorials, or even better, “video” tutorial on this technique? I know it can be done… I have seen pieces with both, and you can really be creative with it.

It seems like it would be relatively simple. Since when you crochet you only have 1 live loop so you would pick up stitches along the working edge to knit. When going from knit to crochet it seems like you would bind off down to last loop turn work and begin crocheting back over the bound off edge.

One way I can think it could be done would be to use an afghan hook for the crocheting part. Afghan hooks have a stop on one end (like a straight knitting needle), and a crochet hook on the other. I think I’ve also seen some that are straight with crochet hooks on both ends. But I can see a scenario where when you were knitting and got to a part where you wanted to switch to crochet, you could load the stitches onto the afghan crochet hook and then create a pattern utilizing that. It makes a unique, tapestry type appearance. The patterns I’ve seen with the afghan hook you go across one row with all the stitches on the hook, then the next row you come back across and end up with one stitch on the crochet hook, then the next row they all get loaded back on the hook again, etc. If you ended a pattern where all the stitches were back on the afghan hook again, then you could pass them back across to a knitting needle and go back to knitting again.

I LOVE combining knitting & crocheting!!! To transition from knit to crochet, I just crochet the stitches one by one off the knitting needles - this works best for me doing a single crochet row. Slip the crochet hook through the first loop, then insert the hook through the next loop on the left needle. Treat it as the first loop you would have drawn up to crochet, then draw the yarn through both these loops from the back as you would normally complete a single crochet. To go from crochet back to knit, I just work one row picking up stitches onto the knitting needles through the spaces you would draw your first loop through. I don’t know of any videos, but you can do some beautiful things by playing as you make a scarf or something! Happy stitching!

Correction - CHAIN one through the first loop when transitioning from knit to crochet. Realized my mistake when I actually picked up my project - sorry!

So one of you thinks that all the stitches but one should be bound off, and the other thinks the stitches should just be crocheted all the way through?

Hm… I wish someone would post a video of this. If I ever get a camera, I will definitely do this.