Knit along 365 Knitted Stitches Perpetual Calender

Happy New Year 2013. My New Year’s Resolution is to Knit at least one new Pattern a day. I am using the Perpetual Calender published by Martingale& Company. I am doing Swatches one daily 4" x 4 ".Another i am knitting Monthly Panels t(12) to be put together.
Inviting comments from anyone who already knitted this or like to Join the KAL

Scared me there…before I read the swatch part I was wondering if you ever slept!:lol: that’s a cool idea. Save them all up and make a blanket when you’re done!

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That’s a great idea!! :thumbsup:

[SIZE=“3”][FONT=“Comic Sans MS”]Newstitchaday Did that same thing, but with monthly projects [/FONT][/SIZE]

Yeah, I had the same reaction! :noway:

Thank you all for replying. I did not know about the monthly Knit Along Afghans. Thanks for the Link. I saw it now. It is Funny you all thought I was going to Knit an Afghan a Day for Each Stitch! Wow! I am an experienced and Fast Knitter. I have knitted a Complicated Cables Sampler Afghan Twin Size in 2 months in 2005. I have Knitted the Vintage 100 Stitches Knitting Primer in 1976 but took 3 months for it. But this year I started Knitting 4" x 4" Swatches. I tried crochet around each square to keep it from Puckering. I may just knit the squares and hand write the Pattern as well as write a chart and make a 3 ring Binder!!!. Now I am knitting one more in a very planned way 365 knitted Stitches Perpetual Calender Afghan. I am following Strictly this Perpetual Calender published by Martingale & company just for the heck! This calender has been sitting on my Desk for the past 10 years catching dust with me changing to the current date several times a year. The stitches seemed very simple and basic so did not interest me.I was busy Knitting Complicated Cables and Lace. But this year I thought I will start this no Brainer! Wrong. I am designing my own version but sticking to knitting the stitches by the day of this Calender published by Maringale & company. Yes there are millions of Stitches and Variations and knit Alongs and Afghans around but I am making this my own Unique Project. I have stitched a Needle Point Perpetual Calender in 1991. So I am adding my own stuff and it has to be penned even before I get started on the very First Swatch.Since Jan 1 2013 after I started this,I finished 2 Sweaters and 2 Hats and leggins for my Grandson 2, and my Granddaughter(1) ,and a Baby Cocoon with Cap for newborn due this week ! I will Post my one weeks work hopefully by tomorrow and will catch up with Jan before I go onto Feb. Please follow me. I really appreciate your input and comments.

I started knitting on Jan 20 on this calender. Today Jan24 I am Swatch 20! I will try to post some pictures trying to post for the First time. here I go.

If you’re having trouble posting photos, try the link in Jan’s signature:

You have been one busy and productive knitter. Love to see your progress on this latest.

So… how are you doing with this project? Still keeping up, knitting new stitches each…month is it?

just wondering how it’s going.