Knit across + teddy bear pattern Q

I have just started knitting and of course chose as my first project a bear (call me ambitious). I have a few questions:

first, it says to stitch the legs seperately, and when I am done with one to leave a tail and cut it. Do I then leave it on the needle? Do I bind it off? Something else?

also, it says once you have done both legs, to knit across both of them. I have no clue what this means. Any help would be appreciated. thanks!

The two legs of a bear are separate, right?

So you knit them separately. You can either knit them at the same time using two balls of yarn, or one at a time.

When they say to leave a tail, they just mean to cut your yarn (to use for the second leg), but leave a few inches hanging to weave in later. You can leave it on the needle.

When both legs are done and on the needle next to each other, you’ll knit across one, and with the same strand of yarn, knit across the second. Now they’ll be joined at the top and you’ll continue with the body.

thank you so much