Knit a tam help

Hello all,

This is my first time posting a message and I hope you will bear with me. I have been knitting for two years and only do scarfs, hats and purses. I’ve really never learned how to read a pattern, but have tried with a little success.

I have been looking for a pattern (uncomplicated) for a Tam for my Granddaughter. I only want to use one color and know how to increase through the back of the stitch, knit, pearl, YO and knit two together. I love using circular needles. Every pattern I look at has different colors and seems so complicated. I’ve tried making one up, but my increases make the had wavy and bulky.

So my questions and/or request is does anyone have a basic pattern for how many increases and what type of ones?

Thank you to any responses.


Here’s a couple of websites for tams done all one color. You’ll probably need a set of dpn’s (double pointed needles) when you start your decreases because there won’t be enough stitches on your circular needle to stretch around the needle.
Ravelry also has lots of tams on their site. You should check it out.

You can also do the top of hats with a 2nd circular or a longer one using the magic loop technique.