Knit 2 socks on 2 circular needles

Highly recomended by Rebecca



Yes I did and you’ve turned me into a sock junkie :wink:

Did the class with worsted (figured I could use them for keeping the tootsies warm in bed), have another worsted weight going, a sport weight, and just ordered sock yarn from KnitPicks! I never imagined they would be so much fun to do! And the strangest thing is I can only knit them continental, my guess is because I never learned to knit on the DPNs. I can do conti on regular needles but until I master it my hands tend to cramp up a bit.

A big thank you and two :thumbsup: :thumbsup: for your wonderful site!!

Hand-cramping really hurts! I’m not sure if this is happening to you, but a friend that I tought to knit held the working yarn very tightly, and when she’d put her RH needle into the knit stitch, she’d often forget to pull the stitch out a little before picking up the working yarn. This made her hands cramp, too.

My hands got crampy when I 1st changed from throwing to conti knitting, I assumed it was bc I was using different muscles while knitting bc it no longer happens.
Thanks for posting the link Denise! All of the patterns there are very detailed! Love them :inlove:

:slight_smile: Maybe your next design will be on 2 circs!

Thanks…Never can tell :wink: Ahhh…but I am not publishing any more, if that’s what you meant. It was fun & something that is very cool to say that I did it. I love designing and I am always doing it in some form or fashion…always will be, I hope & LOL, there’s something about socks…have LOTS of ideas for more :thumbsup: It’s because SOCK KNITTING IS FUN :happydance: :happydance: :happydance:

not publishing anymore? WHY? Are you NUTS?

Denise and Rebecca,

I assume the cramps are from changing the muscles too. Was always a thrower and the needles are held in a different position so you can pick the yarn without looking like a bird trying to take flight (which is what it felt like at first lol). :wink: But after all these years I truly prefer the conti now that I can do it. The ribbing comes out so much better. And with the DPNs I got a lot of exercise…I have never dropped a needle so many times in my life. Just glad none of my dogs or cats were around to run off with it. :oops:

Have you tried bamboo needles? I’ve noticed they don’t fall out as much.

There’s really no need to publish for me. Once was quite enough :smiley: It’s really a very, very cool thing to have done & I feel very fortunate to have had the opportunity, but it’s just not something I feel like I need to persue. I have fun just knitting & playing with designs (of course, i have no problem sharing anything I come up with :wink: ). Thanks for thinking I have the ability and talent to continue doing it, though…makes me feel special :wink:

:crying: But WE need you to persue it!

Oops, read it the wrong way. Thanks for saying that! I will still design and make patterns available, just not published!