Knit.1 Magazine

Has Knit.1 folded? It’s October and the fall issue isn’t out. There’s nothing on the website. Anybody know what’s going on?

I subscribed over a year ago and only received one magazine in that time…it was supposed to be 4 a year. I emailed them several times and have never gotten a response. I’ll be checking back to see, hopefully someone else will get some feedback.

Yes, they are folding. the Spring/Summer 2009 issue is the last one.

I am surprised they haven’t responded to your emails - maybe the responses went into your spam folder.

over the weekend I finally dug out my last issue to check how far in advance I was paid up. F/W 2010!! I emailed them Saturday that I was sorry to see them go and what about my unfilled subscription. They emailed be back Sunday and offered a choice of Knit Simple or Vogue Knitting. I suppose I could have requested a refund, but went with Knit Simple. I also asked for an extra year to compensate for my severe depression over losing Knit.1. Ha!! They gave me a 2 yr subscription!! (I should have asked for 2 free!!!)

The email I used is

I am sad to see this thread…I have only been knitting a little over a year and Knit.1 is my fav magazie, cause the patterns are so hip. I love the layouts they do. I guess I’ll have to try some others.

That sucks! I loved that magazine. I live in South Korea and only get about four magazines, two of which I like. One of which was Knit.1.

Oh, well. Maybe somebody will wise up and start stocking Simply Knitting.

Thanks! I sent the email and we will see if anything comes of it. I have recently been reconsidering my Vogue Knitting subscription due to lack of communication on this issue and the fact that 3 of the patterns I have made from this magazine have had egregious errors that are not documented in the errata, one was a chart only pattern with the WRONG CAST ON NUMBER!!! you would think QC would catch that at least, there were many, many, many other mistakes in the same pattern and only one correction. It has resulted in my having to pretty much re-write the pattern to make it work and let me tell you…I am NO designer LOL

I have sent a follow up email and still have not even had a “we got your message” or “we’ll look into it”…nothing at all using the email addy provided above.

Just wanted to update y’all.

Another update!!! Jane responded to my email and they have agreed to transfer unserved copies to my Vogue Knitting Subscription! Good to see they got my message. this was a quick response considering the past several were not acknowledged, they must be very busy over there closing it down. thanks for the contact info so I could get this resolved.

I just emailed Vogue Knitting about knit.1 Spring/Summer 2009. Apparently from several commenters on Ravelry, there is errata in the “Tie Back Shell” pattern on page 56. However, they have not been corrected and the pattern is still being sold. I asked them to make corrections. I wonder what kind of response I will get. :teehee: