Knit.1 -- anyone bought this?

Looks like my style. Just wondering if anyone has gotten it yet.

I have the last one. I really liked it as it had some nice fall/winter projects, but I am finding that some of the projects are even a little too “out there” even for me and I like to consider myself somewhat “out there”. If you are looking for different and funky, then this is a great mag. Otherwise, I would get something else :slight_smile:


I have the spring/summer issue, and I really like it! Some very cute things–and some I wouldn’t wear, but nothing too crazy. This issue seems to have a lot of crochet in it for some reason though. And all of the patterns use Lion Brand yarn, which I don’t mind, but some people might. Of course you can always substitute yarns.

I’m making a tank top from that mag right now, actually. Just a simple stockinette stitch tank with cute crochet edging. I’m going to have my mom show me how to crochet when I go visit her next weekend. :thumbsup:

Hi! Yeah, I have the first edition but I didn’t much like the 2nd one, pretty crazy looking. Women trying to hard or something…
I haven’t made anything from the magazine yet but I think I will.
Don’t know what yet. There are a few cute things.

Muuhahahah sounds just like the mag for me! Nothing every to funky, no clothes to wild!

Sometimes I forget I am an adult :oops:

i have! I have both issues! There are a few mistakes here and there but the ones I’ve found are easy to recognize but make u think at first. The patterns in them are really neat. I posted a pic of the bikini bottom that i made from it a while back.

I have both, and love them. Have made one of the scarves from it, and it turned out great.

Some folks don’t like that all the patterns are for LB yarn, but I like that because LB is cheap.