Knifty Knitter

Hi, I was just wondering did anybody ever try the knifty knitter loom or other types of looms??? I already know how to knit and love it :heart: but I want to get a loom to see if I like it and was wondering if anyone has any personal experience with them.

One of my nieces got this for her birthday in November. To be honest, I don’t think I would enjoy using one, but my niece (age 10), and my “niece-in-law” (age 22) had a great time with it!! Another niece borrowed one of the looms and made a circular scarf with it, and she was quite pleased with it.

Oh, and they work best with a fairly bulky yarn, and they do knit the items up fairly quickly. Basically, they are just huge spool knitters.

I gave one to my 10 yr old niece for Christmas and she likes it. I don’t think I would…it would feel like cheating somehow. :roflhard:

Once I realized that it was just a bigger version of a spool knitter, I felt REALLY GOOFY for spending the money to buy it when my mom or dad could make one.

My daughter got one for Christmas. My mother got it for her. It comes with a pattern for a hat. My mom got her some worsted weight yarn - 4 skeins but all different colors. The hat pattern calls for 2 strands, so DD has not even tried it yet! I see there is a pattern book available that has about 50 projects for it. I think I will get that for DD.

I have some. I think they are great for kids. My kids enjoy them. But I wouldn’t enjoy using them…I would rather just knit.

I made tons of hats on the Knifty Knitter but now would rather knit a hat.

:lol: a couple of ladies from work have been enjoying the looms, but I call them “cheater looms” !!

I started with them and was not to excited about them. Harder to travel with than needles, bulky to work with that sort of thing. They are just something that I could not get into. The ones I bought were not a total waste of money though because my girls love using them. I think that knitting with thoes are more of a personal preference.

I bought it and I’ve had good luck with it. I can make really nice sized preemie hats on the smaller blue one that takes no time at all. And it’s nice to have if your hands hurt after knitting for a while. :slight_smile:

One thing I’m curious about with the Knifty Knitter is that both times I’ve seen samples knit up on them at craft stores (hats, I think), they were in a rib, and the stitches were all twisted! Ugh! As in, when I pulled laterally on the piece, the knit columns just got tighter instead of opening up… Which really doesn’t make for a pleasingly elastic piece of fabric.

Is that NORMAL for the KK? Or did some employee just bumble the sample a little?

But yes, to the person who said that their parents could make one… it seems like you could, doesn’t it? With a doughnut shaped piece of wood, some nails, and a ruler…

There is a book that teaches kids “corking,” which is basically the same thing as spool knitting. It has instructions for making spools of different sizes, and it also has patterns for stuffed animals, slippers, and a few other things that I didn’t realize you could make with a spool.

Here is a link to the book on Amazon.

I have the nifty knitter and made a couple of hats with it…I think it serves it’s purpose but I’d rather knit. I think it’s great for kids.

I have a full set of them. I actually enjoy switching from needles to them and back. That way I dont get bored. I’ve made a hat and a doggie sweater on them, and starting another dog sweater again soon. :happydance:

I got a set for christmas before I started knitting and I enjoyed using them. I made a couple hats on them and it’s instant gratification, 'cause they knit up so quickly. It was easy enough I could watch tv and use them too, though they are a pain to carry around.


Mine are still in their packags. Actually, they are what re-awakened my knitting addiction. Haven’t tried them yet. Was hoping to make dog sweaters on them, but decided to just knit them with needles. Would like to know how to do dog sweaters on them, suspect the results would be too large for my dogs. Don’t know if I’ll ever use them now except maybe for neck gaiters and hats.

I agree with the earlier posts that they are a fun break from the needles when your hands/arms get tired. They certainly won’t replace needles because they definately do work best with chunky weight yarn since the diameter of the pegs is unchangeable.

I would disagree that it is cheating. I think it is just another tool that has its own limits (as does any other type of knitting tool).

I will say that the directions that come with them stink! Go ahead and spring an extra buck on one of the pattern booklets (you’ll also get more ideas of things to do with the looms). The Provo-craft website also has a great video that shows how to get started, but the book goes into a little more detail. I like the Volume II book from Provocraft; I thought it was a little more up to date.

Finally I paid more for mine from Joanne, I should’ve gotten my set from Michael’s - they were about half the price in their store than than they were from (since I’d already used my 50%off coupon on something else!).

My 11 yr old dd got the set for Christmas. I tried it, but it was too monotonous (sp?) for me. My ADD likes variety, lol. She tried to make a baby hat on the smaller one, but it turned into a cool coaster for her water bottle lol. She enjoys it though. She does use 2 strands of worsted on it. She is making a hat on the next larger now. I do think that it doesn’t stretch very well either, although her stitches aren’t twisted. They are very straight.

I think I said this, but I mean it feels like cheating to me. I could not with a clear conscience tell anyone that I’d knitted something if I’d used Knifty Knitter. It isn’t knitting regardless of how it looks IMO. However it’s great for kids and I agree that it’s just another tool.

Here are some videos related to loom (Knifty Knitter) knitting.