Kitty Peppermint Roll?

Okay, so my cat has is Kitty Eggroll and loves it… but tonight he is more interested in battling a peppermint from Sonic around the house (don’t worry, it’s still in the wrapper)! It was on the coffee table and he stole it! He is chasing the thing around the living room like mad!

Think I should make him another Eggroll, but soak the cotton in peppermint extract instead of sprinkling it with cat nip? :lol: The one I made him is camoflauge colors… maybe I should make the new one in red and white! :rofling:

(Oddly enough I just looked it up to see if peppermint is safe for cats and it is… and from the same family as catnip! Too Funny!)

That’s cool!

LOL, my cats always go after random stuff like that, too. Maybe try spritzing his current Eggroll with a peppermint scent and see how he reacts to it?

could it be the crinkliness of the wrapper? my silly kitty loves the rings that come off milk cartons- they are springy and fun to whack around.

one of my cats absolutely loves the smell of peppermint. When she was a kitten she would get in my face and sniff my breath if I was chewing gum!

from what I understand, catnip is from the mint family so thats why the cats go bananas for it.

My cat goes completely ape when I eat a mint - she paws at my mouth trying to get it out and at one point she even attempted to get INTO my mouth!

I’ve had to stop using mint toothpaste and now use a herbal one instead because she would try to climb in my mouth when I was in bed asleep :teehee:

Our cats love mint on our breath, too. That’s funny about the candy!:roflhard:

I dunno how safe pepermint is for kitties but they make dog treats with peppermint, peanut butter and other goodies. It cerainly would smaell yummy

Oh no! I have heard about cats trying to lick babies’ mouths beacuse of the milk smell/taste, but never the peppermint one!

I can only imagine waking up with a cat in my mouth! Eeek! :shock:

(You could be a circus act… instead of the man in the lion’s mouth, the cat in the lady’s mouth! :rofling:)

My oldest kitty is ADDICTED to mint. One year, while waiting for his turn to get his picture with Santa at the pet shop, Stanley started eating the candy cane I had in my hand. From then on, it’s been his little treat. Every night before bed, I use Burt’s Bees Peppermint lip balm . When he hears me pop the cap off, he rushes over for a taste (I put a little on my finger for him to lick).