Kitty Loves His Toy!

This is hilarious! A little kitten is extremely possessive of his new toy :rofl:

[B]Mad Kitty[/B]

Be sure to have your speakers on too…lol

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:rofl: He’s like 'just leave me alone would ya?"

He’s SOOOOOO CUUUUUUUTE! I wanna eat him up.

What kind of sauce?

So cute!!!

Well, CATsup, of course.

Love that little growl!!!

I just had to show that to DH, thanks for the link!:roflhard:

He’s so cute!

LOL, now that’s a cat with survival instincts! And that was an adult sounding growl too!


That cat’s gonna be a handful. A real alpha.

Wish I knew our cats when they were little.

Thanks for sharing.

I never knew cats could growl like that !! That sounds like my puppy when I try to take her toys away

omg cutieeee, this made my day