Kitten Chewed Circular Needel

One of our kittens chewed on one of my circular needles, leaving rough places all along its length. I thought it was ruined, but I tried using fine-grained sandpaper on it. Now it’s good as new. :cheering:

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YAY! That’s great that you were able to fix it!

Yep, I’ve got a cat that does the same thing! I use an emery board to smooth out the teeth marks.

Glad you didn’t loose the cable! Do you think it’s a plastic thing with cats? If I am using synthetic yarn, I can’t get my cats to leave it alone:biting:, but when I am using an animal/natural fiber, they could care less!:shrug:

I saw the bed jacket in your sig. My mom crocheted one for me 40 years ago. I still have it and love it.

Our kittens chew everything. I hope they outgrow it. When I used to use wooden needles, our cats would chew the tips. Those were easy to sand down, but I didn’t think it would work on plastic. It’s good to know I can fix that, too.
Ooo, my fingers are twitching. I got some ideas for hand-knit gift wrap I want to try out. If they work (and if my finicky digital camera isn’t broken) I’ll post photos/links later.

Ahah!!! Another needle chewin kitty saved from an early demise by sandpaper!!!:thumbsup: :roflhard:

It’s good to know it can be fixed. I had the same thing happen 4 times in the last month. Now I can save the expense of replacing them. Thank you for sharing.