Kitchener stitch

What do you do when you’ve got the last two stitches on your needles (1 on each). Do you just insert as to knit the stitch closest to you and slip it off and then insert as to purl and then slip off the stitch on the other needle?

That’s going to depend on whether you have an even or odd no. of sts on each needle. The best way to think about it is just follow the kitchener pattern and then, yes, slip those last sts off when its their turn to be slipped and pull your yarn tight.

I started off with 4 stitches on each needle.

Then, yes, the front st will be a K and the back st will be a P.

Isnt the pattern the same for this stitch? Isnt it always (on the needle closest to you) insert as to knit - slip stitch, then insert as to purl. Then reverse that for the stitches on the 2nd needle. Insert as to purl - slip stitch, then insert as to knit.

Just want to make sure I did it right and I’m trying to figure out why it could be different with the last 2 stitches.

Because Im really bad with math…you are right. :doh:

Ok, thanks. :thumbsup: