Kitchener stitch?

I’m trying out Coronet; last night I learned how to knit the cabled part and tonight I downloaded the video here for the kitchener stitch.

The way it needs to be done for this pattern, though, I don’t understand. First of all, I’ve never used dpn’s for anything but flat knitting, and second, the video only shows you how to attach two separate pieces of knitting on two separate needles. This pattern asks you to “unravel provisional cast on” and I have no idea what that means or how to go about doing it. XD

Another slight worry is that the pattern says to make 16 repetitions of the cable pattern, but I only have about 8-9 I think and it already fits around my head. Suggestions? Thanks!

When you started the band, the pattern states to use provisional cast on. How did you cast on?

When you use the prov. cast on, it allows you unravel part of the cast on row, this gives you live stitches. You’d put your extra needle in these live stitches, and then kitchener (graft) them together.

Assuming you haven’t done the prov. cast on, you can seam them together a different way that won’t show your seam…mattress stitch might do the trick. :smiley:

As far as your band, if it fits around your head nicely already, then your gauge might be off. You can keep going as you are, as long as you have enough room around the band to pick up 84 (or more) stitches.

Hope this helps…