Kitchener Stitch question

I just finished my first sock and did kitchener stitch to weave the toe. It went really well but I couldn’t find clear instructions on what to do once you’re down to one stitch left on each needle. I did the first stitch (on the near needle) slipped knit, then did the stitch on the back needle slipped purl. I then put the needle to the inside of the sock and wove in the tail yarn, but the toe part where those last 2 stitches were made doesn’t quite look right. Did it do it right - maybe just not tight enough? Or am I missing something? :??

You just pull the yarn through when you’re done! Right Zippy!

Our very own Silver has a great sock tutorial. This is the page on grafting the toes. At the very bottom it deals with your last couple stitches.

Yeah… if it doesn’t look right, it may just need to be tightened up a bit. But you did it right! :slight_smile:

Thanks, and Silver, your sock tutorial is FANTASTIC!!! :thumbsup: