Kitchener Stitch on Amy's CDs?

[color=blue]Morning all! What a beautiful summer day. I am just finishing up the Lucy bag finally. lol. I can’t seem to remember how to do the kitchener stitch between leaving work and getting home lol. :doh: We have dial up at home and it takes forever for things to load and videos are especially problematic. Can anyone or maybe Amy tell me if that video is on her CD set? Thanks!

sebago me [/color]

I’m not positive (my cds are at home) but it definitely should be. The cd has nearly ALL of the web content.

Yes, kitchener stitch is on the CD. I, too, am plagued by slow dialup; the CDs were a good investment.

[color=blue]Thanks to you both! I think I will order them. I read the info and Amy mentioned needing a connection for some things so I wanted to double check. Thanks again!
sebago ME [/color]

For the record, ALL of the videos on the site are on the CD. Only thing you need a connection for is some of the non-video content, like the Free Patterns section, and the Forum of course. :wink: