Kitchener Stitch on a Ribbed Pattern

I am working on the band and do not want a seam at the center of the back. Most
instructions for the Kitchener are for stocking knit. The band has 9 stitches with a K1, P1 Rib stitch. I need all the help I can get and thank you for your assistance.

Here’s how I’d approach it. Someone else may have step by step instructions. I feel that understanding what to do for any given stitch is better than memorizing steps. There are only two stitches and who knows how many ways to combine them.

Look at the stitch as it faces you. If you have a knit on the front needle you should have a purl on the back needle when working rib. A purl on the front needle would mean a knit on the back needle.

The first pass of the yarn through the stitch is the opposite of how you want it to come off the needle. For a knit you go into it purlwise and leave it on the needle; for a purl go into it knitwise and leave it on the needle. Next pass through the stitch is knitwise for a knit, purlwise for a purl and off the needle.

If you look at each stitch as it faces you and remember to do the opposite first you should have no trouble with any knit and purl stitch pattern. I really wish this info was made available in more videos and other tutorials. Once you grasp how to work with a knit and a purl you can skip the step by step how-tos.

I just found this the other day:

The main subject of that post in the series is not relevent to your question so don’t let that confuse you! But in addition to touching tangentally on the principles GrumpyGramma explained, if you scroll down toward the bottom it also has step by step instructions, for grafting reverse st st and k1 p1 rib (as well as regular st st).