Kitchener Stitch help

I’m sorry if this is a repeat or is stickied somewhere, but if it is, I couldn’t find it.

Is there a way to make the Kitchener Stitch less “rabbit ear” looking when I’m finished? I’ve knit 4 pairs of socks using it, (cuff down obviously), and I don’t like how boxy it is when I’m finished.

I’m trying to learn the toe up, but it’s not going well so will continue with cuff down until I master the toe up method.

Thank you for your help.

do you have a picture of something you’ve knitted to show what you mean by “rabbit ear”?

[b][color=indigo]I’ve been told if one uses a darning egg in the toe when doing the Kitchener Stitch it helps eliminate the bunny ear.

I just put the needle down through the last stitch into the sock, turn the sock inside out, give a little tug and then weave in the end. Works really well for me.

The boxy look depends on the kind of toe you used, too. If you are decreasing on both sides up to about 8 sts on two needles and then Kitchener, it’ll look boxy. But not bad when you wear them.[/color]


I recall reading on one of the threads that someone puts a light bulb in the sock when they get ready to finish the toe. I haven’t tried it yet, but that may solve the problem.


One other solution for “rabbit ears” on Kitchner stitch is to pass the outermost stitch from both edges of both needles over the stitch next to it working inward. This will eliminate four stitches from the total number you have to do Kitchner stitch on, and get rid of the boxy edge.

I have rather non-pointy feet, so when I’m doing top-down socks I’ll stop my toe decreases one or two rounds earlier than the pattern suggests, do the rabbit ear fix then Kitchner stitch the rest. So if you’re supposed to decrease down to 16 stitches (eight on both front and back), I’ll decrease down to 24, pass 4 stitches over and off needles for rabbit ear fix, then Kitchner the remaining 20 stitches. This gives a nice toe that fits my foot.

Hope this helps!!