Kitchener Bind Off over 2x2 ribbing

Im working my own pattern for a soaker, and it has a 2x2 ribbing panel worked in the front and back of a round project. Ive decreased the sides for the leg holes and now I need to join the crotch which is a 2x2 rib begining and ending with regular knit stitches.

Pretty much says it. Ive been all over the net. Ive only found one reference to it in a stitch dictionary which said to purl kitchener then regular kitchener in pattern. Ive found instructions on how to purl kitchener, but Im still stumped I need pictures or VERY good and simple instructions to jump from reg. kitchener to purl kitchener. My brain is just impared these days being pregnant and Ive not time to sit and fiddle with a sample, as I need to get this wool diaper soaker finnished!

Can someone please give me a hand? I dont want to ruin this soaker by an ugly kitchener!

-new to the board- Jamie

I looked again and it actually begins with two purls and ends with two knits. Please oh please don’t let this get buried! I need help!:frog:

:waving:Hi there.
I’ve always known Kitchener stitch as Grafting. AKA Weaving. so maybe search for that also.
I have no problem grafting st st, but had some trouble grafting rib so can’t help much with that.
Did find this though, Hope it helps.

There’s a tutorial for grafted ribbing on page 83 of Jennifer Stafford’s book, Domiknitrix. I’d love to see the soaker when you’re finished! And the pattern, too, of course. :slight_smile:

:woohoo: I think I might have found someone who can help me. Wooly wormhead has a section on purl ribbing. I posted the question to her and she said she would send instructions. If I can follow them I will take LOTS of pictures and submit them here at knitting help. There shouldnt be any reason why this technique is so obscure. Then I might write up my pattern and sell it and the instructions for obscene amounts of money. Well it was a nice thought…lol