Kintting two sleeves in the round on two circular needles

How do I get started. Do I cast on all the stitches (36 for each sleeve) then attempt to slip half of each sleeve onto the other needle to begin the rounds. Can anyone help or direct me to a web page. I know how to do one sleeve, but not two at the same time.
Thanks, DoubleD

Use google to find tutorials for knitting on two circulars. Many will be for knitting socks, but the same principles apply. I can think of two basic options: if you like to switch your two end stitches for a nice join, you will probably need to do that separately, on DPNs, magic loop, or another pair of circulars. Maybe a piece of scrap wool. Then put onto the circulars. If you don’t care about that join, cast on first sleeve to on needle, put half the stitches onto other needle. Join as you like. Repeat for second sleeve. Use the tutorials.