Kintting on Six Feet Under

Anyone watch this show? I LUUUUUURVE it. :heart: And Ruth goes to a knitting store. It’s called “Unwind.” That is THE coolest name for a yarn store I SOOOOO want to steal it!!! Anyway, good to see knitting on TV.

I love the show, too, but have to rent the dvd’s–don’t have HBO. I haven’t seen the latest season, but I really do love it and hate to see an unanswered post. And if I every open a knitting shop, I’ll fight you for the name. It says it all. :smiley:

Never seen it, but aparently I look just like a girl on there. :smiley:

which one?

:XX: I was totally noticing the knitting on this week’s show! I wondered to myself if I was the only one who noticed casual knitting references on TV!! :mrgreen:

Nuno – guessing by your avatar I’d say you must look like Claire! Six Feet Under is one of my favorite shows.


Does anyone watch Blow Out on Bravo? It comes on right after Queer Eye… (that’s the ONLY reason I end up watching it…those people are like nails on a chalkboard!)


Kimberly Caldwell from American Idol season 2 came into the salon & was KNITTING while getting extensions! They showed a CLOSEUP of her work. VERY cool.

My absolute fav!!! I’m soo bummed it’s the last season. I was hoping they would do some closeups on the walls and highlight the yarn.

Maybe I missed something (was knitting), but all I saw Ruth do was hold the needles? I wanted to see if she used the Continental or English method. Is she really one of us or is that 8 foot Harry Potter/Where’s Waldo scarf a facade??? :thinking:

If you’re a fan of HBO’s Six Feet Under, chances are you’ve noticed Ruth Fisher knitting, and hanging out at her local yarn store. Although the characters are actors, the store is the very real Unwind ( in Burbank, CA. Unwind is not only a great place to buy Stitch Diva Studios patterns, it is like an old-fashioned candy store for yarn where the colors, textures and flavors leap from the shelves and spark your creativity. Visit them online or in person to find out more about their “Yarn Tasting” in August, and don’t forget to sign up for their online newsletter!

If you ever get to Burbank, maybe you can hang with Ruthie (if George doesn’t kill her first).