Kinks in circular needles

How do you get the kinks out of circular knitting needles (the portion that is flexible)? I am continuously unbending the curl, but that is time-consuming, annoying, and also slows up my speed.
Thank you for your help.:cool:

I don’t use those kind preferring the more flexible cables of Knitpicks Options Interchangeables, but I’ve heard that dipping them in hot water and stretching them out helps.

Also, winding the needle up to fit it in the original package/pouch makes it retain that curl. So, I also recommend getting one of those circular needle storage hangers that allows each needle to hang on a nice arc. That can help after you have gotten the curl to relax with the hot water trick.

If the curl is just too long and gets in the way, use a clip clothespin on the curl to weigh it down.

Thank you again for your help…I will definitely try the interchangeables. Meanwhile I will use the hot water technique.

Thank you sooo much - you saved the day.

Thank you…I will try the clothes pin technique on large sweaters.

I warm a container of water in the microwave, about the same as a really hot cup of coffee, dunk the cable part into the water for a minute or so and hold it by one needle till it cools. Works a treat.

It appears that my thank you comments were not posted to all of the knitters that answered my inquiry. So I thank all who have responded & I wish you to know that I sincerely appreciate your responses:muah:.

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