King Cole Svelte Wool

Hi everyone,

Has anybody here knitted with the new King Cole Svelte wool? If so, I would like to know if you found it easy to knit with, or, like me, find it a struggle to keep the tension slack. My fingers are really sore trying to knit a cardigan with it, the stitches seem really tight on the needle.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks.

maybe you’re working the yarn at too-tight of a gauge? Is the pattern written for this yarn, or did you substitute?

I bought the yarn yesterday with the pattern that goes with it, (it was new in and I got tempted!)and I bought the needles at the same time. The needles are size 5 1/2mm and 6 1/2mm. Would love to know why it’s so hard to knit with.

It could be the type of needles you’re using… metal tends to help yarn slip along and bamboo holds it pretty tight.

Did you do a gauge swatch?

I am using plastic needles and the test swatch was fine. Still struggling on. Would be interested to know if anybody else has knitted with this wool before. I have added a link to the King Cole website and the actual wool I am talking about.