King Cole Chunky Sweater 4584

Hello to everyone,

I am trying to track down a King Cole knitting pattern I owned a few years ago now but misplaced when I moved. It is the King Cole Chunky Sweater in Kind Cole Big Value Baby Chunky (4854). I have the wool to make the jumper but do not have the pattern.

I have emailed King Cole to no avail and even purchased on a site to be told 2 days later it has been discountinued and is no longer available. If anyone out there owns this pattern and would like to sell it, please let me know.

Thanks in advance!

Welcome to KH!
So painful when those patterns go into hiding. I’ve recently moved as well and there are things tucked away in the oddest places. I’m sure they must have moved themselves.
Here’s one source for that very cute sweater that may have the pattern:

(We can’t resell patterns on the forum, just hunt up possible sources for you.)


Thank you so much salmonmac. I have no idea why this did not come up on my google search and I have been looking for days. Appreciate it!

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That’s sweet. I hope you get a copy. As for the search, I bet you didn’t hold your mouth just right or cross your eyes or say the right incantation…you know, something logical. :sweat_smile: I’ve spent a lot of time looking for something and someone else has it in a a minute or so.

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Just saw this GrumpyGramma, that is exactly it!! LOL

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