King Cole Aran Sweater Sleee

I have knit Icelandic Faire Isles for years and am trying my first Aran sweater (King Cole, Aran Book 1, Angus and Pioneer Jerseys) I am uncertain about the increases for the sleeve, can someone please interpret the last part only:

Continue in patt as now set, inc 1 st at each end of next and every foll 4th row to 79 sts, then on every foll 6th row until there are 101 sts, [that much is pretty simple, now here’s the part that’s stumping me] taking next 15 sts into diamond cable patt and them rem sts into rev st st.

Does that mean the next stitches after I reach 101?
The diamond cable is 17 stitches, not counting the rev st st on either side, which at the widest is 5 on each side, so a total of 27.
If this is a sleeve, do I do half the diamond at each end so that they match up when I sew it?

I don’t want to knit too far up, only to have to take it apart to put a diamond in somewhere…


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The instruction means that as you’re doing the increase rows, work the new stitches into the diamond pattern when you can. Sometimes it’s not so easy to work a single increase into a complicated pattern so you may have to work another increase row or several more increases before you can incorporate the new sts into the diamond. So, don’t wait till you get to 101sts to start the diamond.
Yes, you’ll have partial diamonds at each end, then eventually a complete diamond with its flanking pattern of rev st st.

Thanks for your answer. I sat with my family last night counting in the air (they thought that a bit odd). So, in short, try your best to make it up as you go, using the pattern as a guide. Math was never my strong point, but I’m up for a challenge! :knitting:

Thanks again!

Hope I can answer some questions here at some point too.

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Y’all, I know this is an old post but my husband had THE EXACT SAME QUESTION. Thanks for confirming that he handled it correctly. He’s excited that he hasn’t screwed up his sleeve. :slightly_smiling_face: